Financial Assistance

Vision Statement

The Louisiana Veterans Foundation is dedicated to assisting Louisiana Veterans, their families and the families of active duty military personnel in need.

Mission Statement

The Foundation will conduct an annual “Veterans Day Weekend” event which helps Veterans, their families, and the families of active duty military personnel in need of assistance financially and emotionally.

The Foundation’s enthusiasm and motivation is fueled by the passion and strength of the diversified team of volunteers and donors for the men and women who served and sacrificed for the United States of America.

Who will be Served

Veterans, their families, and the families of active duty military personnel that reside in the state of Louisiana who have a qualified need that cannot be met through their own resources or other community resources will be served.

Eligibility Determination

  • Confirmed Military service with other than dishonorable discharge
  • Assistance will have a significant impact on personal health, safety, or independence
  • A documented plan is in place to manage and address future needs
  • A review of any special circumstances will be taken into account surrounding the request along with the availability of income and resources
  • Other resources for funding have been explored including insurance, community, and personal resources
  • A Physician prescription is obtained in cases of durable medical equipment and other medically related expenses
  • Lifestyle choices are not considered in determining eligibility but rather how the request supports independence, safety, and quality of life. The Foundation is sensitive to the dignity of clients

Financial Need is Apparent

  • True financial need is apparent
  • Financial need is demonstrated by a description of current circumstances as well as income and expenses
  • Proof of income and a list of expenses are required. Proof of income may be in the form of a recent tax return, W-2 form, 1099 form or employer pay stubs.

The 2012 poverty guidelines are provided for various numbers of dependents in the information below:

The poverty guidelines are not an absolute factor in determining financial need but are used to assist in the Boards determination.

  • $11170.00
  • $15130.00
  • $19090.00
  • $23050.00
  • $27010.00
  • $30970.00
  • $34930.00
  • $38890.00
  • For each additional dependent add $3960.00

Goods and Services Typically Considered

  • Durable medical equipment if not fully covered by the VA or insurance
  • Rent/Mortgage will be considered once per lifetime unless the Board determines further assistance is clearly warranted
  • Utilities will be considered for 2 months during a 12 month period unless the Board determines further assistance is clearly warranted
  • Short term respite care assistance for a family member that is a full time caregiver, the service must be provided by a licensed facility
  • Chore service typically provided after a hospital stay or change in ability, the service must be provided by a licensed agency
  • Short term counseling will be considered, up to 12 visits, if not covered by the VA or insurance
  • Consumables will be considered on a case by case basis by the Board
  • Requests that do not fit into the above criteria will be considered on a case by case basis by the Board


To maximize the effectiveness of financial assistance resources the following limitations have been established:

  • Maximum award of $1500.00 of financial assistance per 12 month period per individual
  • The Foundation cannot assume the role of health insurance provided but may assist in short term needs for medications or other medical expenses that are not covered by the VA or insurance, especially when assistance may leverage other resources
  • Payment is made directly to vendors or service providers only
  • Previously encountered expenses such as credit card debt, medical bills, taxes, or items already purchased are not eligible for assistance
  • Ongoing long term assistance for services or items are beyond the scope of the Foundation
  • At the second request for critical short term assistance such as rent/mortgage or utilities, individuals will be referred to and must seek consultation with a debt counseling service before additional assistance may be considered

Extraordinary Requests and Exceptions

All requests are considered on a case by case basis. Extraordinary requests and exceptions to the policy will be reviewed by the Board and an eligibility determination will be determined.